You Really Can Change Your Reputation at Work

(By- Carolyn O’Hara on HBR)

Do you ever feel that people have the wrong impression of you at work? Maybe you’ve been pegged as arrogant after you advocated for your project or as a pushover after a negotiation gone awry. How can you change others’ perceptions of you? Should you directly address the reputation you want to shake? Or should you focus your energy on changing your ways?

What the Experts Say
It can be frustrating when others don’t see us as we intend. “But we forget that we have so much more information about ourselves than other people do,” says Heidi Grant Halvorson, author of No One Understands You and What to Do About It. We also forget that nearly every action is open to multiple interpretations. Continue reading

20 Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest Features You Didn’t Know

Since Salesforce published their State of Marketing Report 2015, a lot has been written about social media and mobile leading the race in digital marketing. The report had predicted that mobile, location based tracking and social media will be the hottest digital channels for marketing.

However, not everyone is able to utilize the key channels of marketing. One key reason is that most of the people still do not know the key features of leading social media channel. While reading some latest digital marketing statistics of 2015, I came across a very beautiful slideshow prepared by HubSpot. It is very helpful for marketers who are very curious about learning something new.

Look at the following PowerPoint Presentation, you can learn some 20+ features of leading social media portals that you didn’t know probably.

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45 Life Lessons By a “54-Year-Old”

Some short and brilliant pieces of advice by a 54 year old women. Regina Brett; the author is actually 54 years old; however,  these 45 lessons went viral with the claims that she is 90 years old. She wrote these beautiful lines just a night before her 45th birthday; the day she was diagnosed with Brest Cancer. You’ll find these lines not only impressive but equally motivating. Read, enjoy and share with your friends.. Continue reading

Infographic: Success Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People- Secrets of Their Success

One of the best ways to understand the idea of success is to analyze the habits and traits of successful people. If you do what successful people do, the results will certainly be quite similar, if not exact. Enthusiasts take out decent amount of time and do extensive research. They read biographies, studies and analysis to learn about success principles. However, if you don’t have enough time and want to read success habits summarized at one place; this infographic designed by a social media marketing company does a very decent job for you.

This infographic analyses richest people from different backgrounds. In this report, the wealthy has been defined as the person earning at least $160,000 annually and holding at least $3.2 million in assets. Their industries very; from technology, aviation, to IT and marketing automation; you can see different background but almost similar traits.  I’ve also summarized the key points at the bottom of this post. Continue reading

Infographic: 7 Skills That Modern Marketers Need to Succeed

Owing to evolution and invention of new channels, modern Marketing has turned more complex to manage. This infographic by Formstack elaborates some hot skills that modern marketers will badly need to improve their performance and do better jobs. If you really aspire to obtain comparative advantage over the rest of industry-peers, it’ll be essential to take strong grasp over these skills.

7 hottest skills that marketers will need in 2015———————————————————————————————-

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7 Little Things to Be More Productive This Week

Happy Monday!

I’m sure you had a joyful weekend with friends and family. Before you start your work-week, let me share few suggestions with you to make your coming week better than the one that passed. These are very little things that just need a resolve to do.

  1. Start with a Vision in Mind: When we plan, we think in the terms of months, years and decades and forget the importance of days and weeks. If you cut down your plan into days and weeks, at least o the operational side, the results can be far more measurable. So, before you start your day, list down your key goal of the week.
  2. List Priorities in Every Area of Your Life: Yes, we’ve different domains of our lives: personal, professional, financial, health, family and social network. List down your key priorities (not more than 3) in each area. Keep your entire energies focused on those and see the results on the coming weekend.
  3. Love Non-Fiction the Way Your Love Fiction: There’s a study that says; 75% of the people can’t read non-fiction books ahead of first chapter, most of the times. Make reading a key goal of the week. Take out one non-fiction book (may be related to your field) and read one chapter (or may be 5-10 pages) each night. You can also check these 10 books that can change your life in 2015.
  4. Sleep/Wake up 15 Minutes before Your Regular Time: One of the biggest issues our generation is facing is ‘time scarcity’. Our sleeping patterns are not ideal and cause us lots of health, psychological, and professional problems. So make it a resolution of the week; “I’ll sleep15 minutes ahead of routine time and also wake up at X o clock”. Night-owls are rarely productive but early risers are for sure.
  5. Control your Internet Time: This might sound weird but it’s a very powerful suggestion to save your time and use it in a more productive manner. Make a reasonable schedule for social networking, emails and web-surfing. If you spend 1 hour on social networks, reduce it by 10-15 minutes. This little and gradual decrease will not cause any stress or problem. Spend your off-screen time with friends, family, or a health-club.
  6. Spend 10 Additional Minutes on Exercise: You’ve saved few minutes from other ‘on-screen’ and sleeping time; try investing those in your health. Spend 10 more minutes on your health (mental and physical). Do some little exercise every day and make it your second nature.
  7. Drink 1 More Glass of Water This Week: Drink plenty of water to remain fresh and away from laziness. Doctors recommend 8-10 glasses of water a day. If you’re taking 6, promise to increase it by 1 glass. To read more, Google health benefits of 8-10 glasses of water a day.

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Top 10 Business Challenges of 2015

Being a marketer requires to anticipate the future trends, challenges, opportunities, and then bring up a well-calculated plan of action. Since, the beginning of New Year, I’ve come across a range of studies that indicate complexities and opportunities ahead. However, nothing impressed me more than Salesforce State of Marketing Survey 2015. Primarily because it was a collection of multidimensional insight by marketers around the globe.

The key ideas of survey can be summed up in these points.

  1. There is a visible shift in marketing spending; from traditional advertising to advertising on digital channels like; social media.
  2. A vast majority (84%) will have more budgets for marketing.
  3. Top channels for marketing spending (in 2015) include; social media, mobile, apps, location-based mobile tracking, content, and SEO.
  4. 60% believe that email is a critical enabler of their product/service. So it’s not dead yet.
  5. 66% of marketers agree that social media marketing is core to their business & 64% take it as key enabler of their products & services.
  6. Mobile penetration was all time high in 2014; 9 countries passed 50% penetration rate.
  7. 74 % marketers take responsive design and mobile friendliness as a key factor in their drip campaigns.

However, the most interesting and valuable thing (my personal view) in the survey was identification of key business challenges of 2015.

Key Business Challenges in 2015:

The survey report indicates the following being the top business challenges against the percentage views of marketers. Continue reading